Posted on Apr 15, 2020

Naturally Equine Podiotherapy & Barefoot Hoofcare

There’s a couple things I need to implement on my routes and remember to do when attending properties at this time.

Opening and closing gates should be avoided, unless of course they're at the other end of the property. I’m also requesting a bucket of water that I can wash my hands in, I supply the soap lol.. A bucket with water and soap is a simple thing you can incorporate at any entry or exit for all visitors to your property.
Changed often of course, this can help property owners rest assured that anyone entering their property has clean hands at the least.

Trimming will be done in the open, so no closed in or highly used areas, with horses preferably tied, with or without a hay net dependant on your horses needs.

Owners can stand at end of lead ropes for when front feet are attended if need be.

If your horse needs training to be tied while having feet attended, please spend some time with training to help ensure safety, and to avoid any need for contact during trimming.

I still accept cash payments and will store this in a sandwich bag until I can clean it, card and bank transfer are also accepted.

Oh and tools, I have to remember to avoid asking for a hoof pick to be handed to me for example, or the stand lol, another good reason to ensure your horse stands quietly to avoid the need to be back and forth for tools, please remind me if you see me slip, as I do automatically go for the gates or request a hoof pick without thinking! 😂

Thank you everyone, stay safe.
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